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We help Pastors EXECUTE the GREAT COMMISSION in the 21st Century

Why Discipleship?

(watch Francis Chan explain in 109 seconds)…

WE ARE A MOVEMENT WITH A SIMPLE MISSION…Calling every Christian to disciple just 1 person per year for the rest of their life to change the world!

We offer resources & coaching to execute the Great Commission in the 21st Century including the Disciple 1×1 App available FREE in the App Store.

Pastor, is this true?

As believers, we have been the beneficiaries of Jesus’ Disciples who took His Great Commission seriously.

But in a world of selfies and consumerism, the ‘workers are few’ and the call to ‘go make disciples’ becomes optional due to shallow Gospel messages, overly-programmed events, & individuals missing the vision to Go and Make Disciples because they are too busy or haven’t prioritized.

The saying is true, we are but one generation away from losing the church.  If we are not effectively making disciples in our week-in week-out day to day life, we may see the continued decline of Christianity in our nation and in our churches on our watch.

Has Modern Christianity decommissioned the Great Commission?

Imagine a different 21st Century…

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5 Common Pitfalls Preventing Disciple Making in the 21st Century…

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This isn’t ANOTHER PROGRAM.  Rather imagine sowing multiplication…embedded in your existing ministries…without the need to add one more thing.

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